“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way”.
~ Unknown

There’s a lot more to being a yoga instructor than just guiding students through a class. It’s about a practice not only with the physical asanas, but a practice of lessons, challenges and balance from the outside world to invert internally. Each student has a story and it’s my journey to help each student learn that story of themselves much deeper. I offer a place for students to feel safe in their exploration of their self and to enjoy a practice that goes beyond.I teach so my students feel their own strength within, and to bring that strength to the world with compassion and love. Let’s live in a world of Love starting with YOGA!

I’ve been practicing for over 10 years and yoga has brought more to my life than I ever thought it would.  I originally started my journey unintentionally as the Universe always has a path for us. I had a knee injury from running, and I was looking for an alternative workout to heal and stay fit. I was a student at a Hot Yoga Studio in Las Vegas, NV for 3 years practicing and learning that this Yoga wasn’t just a work out anymore, but a new and exciting community to learn from. I continued my practice in Los Angeles, CA and took my first 200YTT training in 2012. My teacher was incredible and taught us classes in Yoga Therapy, and the Yoga Sutras. Learning from such an inspiring Guru, it took my practice to another level. My practice was deeper, my mind expanded and my love for Yoga connected with my whole being. I decided to practice and learn more throughout the years taking different Workshops, and classes to expand my practice even further. In 2016 I started teaching privates helping others to heal from injuries and flexibility. Currently, I volunteer at a Cancer Support Center to help the students relax. I teach classes to give back to the community and to help! Look for my adventurous retreats this Summer!